Understanding Forex MetaTrader UK Platforms

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Forex MetaTrader in the UK

Most Foreign Exchange (Forex) market investors are familiar with the MetaTrader trading platform and the many benefits that the software brings to investors in the market. It is the most commonly used Forex trading platform because it is very powerful yet intuitive and easy to use even for novice investors. At its base, the MetaTrader platform provides an efficient way for investors to access important Forex market information that would otherwise be available on authoritative financial sites such as Bloomberg. The platform also serves as a link between the investor and a Forex broker to execute trades in the Forex market. MetaTrader 4 is highly regarded as the standard Forex trading platform because of the excellent charting capabilities it offers to users and its user-friendly interface.
Forex investors gain access to the currency markets through the services of a Forex broker. Each Forex currency trading company in the UK has their own specialized set of rules and principles which investors are subject to when completing transactions through the broker. Many Forex brokers update and customize the MetaTrader application software to create their own unique trading platforms that incorporate these rules and principles while also offering enhanced functionality for clients.

Broker-Specific Trading Rules

In order to ensure that the trading platform provides the best experience for investors, the MetaTrader platform includes a number of features. Examples of these include:
  • One-click trading capabilities – the convenience of executing trades with one click from different screens within the MetaTrader platform, including directly from a chart.
  • Straight Through Processing – allows trades to be completed electronically and eliminates the need for manual intervention. This means that trades are executed directly through to the market and do not pass through a dealer.
  • No requotes – some brokers subject investors to the possibility of requotes and other brokers have a "no requote” policy. Requotes happen when the price at which an investor executes a trade is different than the price the broker gives for the trade. This is typically due to a delay in the trade and shifts in the market. A no requote policy ensures accuracy for investors executing trades in real time. Lower spreads are sometimes possible with brokers who subject investors to requotes.
  • Binary Options trading functionality
Investors have the freedom to look for a broker that provides the best MetaTrader platform for their specific trading needs.

Convenient Trading Platforms

The traditional MetaTrader platform is an application that is installed on a PC. Many brokers provide options for the platform to be installed on a Mac as well.
The top Forex brokers in the UK are taking advantage of the latest technologies to offer clients additional ways to access their accounts. This includes web-based platforms that can be accessed by a web browser from any computer or tablet. It may also include different mobile solutions that allow clients to access market information and trade directly from a mobile device.
With the large number of Forex broker options available to investors in the UK, it is important to take advantage of demo Forex accounts to ensure that a particular broker’s products and services are right for you. Take the time to find the best Forex MetaTrader UK solution for your unique trading needs and ensure the most satisfying Forex trading experience.


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